all of my loves, … i have missed them..
looking forward to hanging out in Ga for the month
cant wait till we are all together again settle in Portland

all of my loves, … i have missed them..

looking forward to hanging out in Ga for the month

cant wait till we are all together again settle in Portland

lay-dee-88 asked
They make golf balls that naturally and non toxically decompose in water. They don't harm the ecosystem.

awesome, looks fun then.

From a dream to reality

my last post was about 8.5 months ago,.. I had just began to realize how awesome Portland is, and how it is the perfect place for Emily and I. This dream is coming true, Emily is leaving China on Saturday and I will leave next month, to start a 4 month programming bootcamp in Portland. Afterwards I will find a job and a house for us, and our life can finally start to become a bit easier a bit more carefree… 

i am

sooo stoked about the possibility of living in Portland,

but just for the record, i am NOT interested in eating any meals where MEAT is not the main course,

vegans, be at easy….

ive heard your cry, problem is… i just dont care


i wear a watch

i wear a watch that dosnt work,
bc i love the color,

it cost $10 from underground atlanta, 

i also have an amazing apple watch,

it cost a couple hundred  dollars and,

it works really well, it also plays music…

i dont love it more than this broken cheap jade colored plastic watch



i wanted to do my architecture thesis on this place, but my adviser told me it was too complex for the year we were given, …. as then he also told me that i shouldnt do a cultural thesis about China, because i had never been there… oddly enough neither him nor I knew that i would eventually come to live here..

Emily and I visited Hong Kong not long ago, and the walled city has been torn down many many years ago.. but i am still so very very interested in this place..

The most dense population area that has even existed…..

the only thing i can say it google kowloon walled city… and see what you find..

the images will intrigue you i promise.

this link is a link to a short podcast or some really cool guys talking about the city, and its existence

So we went to Disneyland while in Hong Kong, and it was pretty magical.  Much smaller than Disney World in Orlando of course, but still fun, with lots of shows, fried chicken, and mickey mouse shaped ice cream. Apparently that’s all you need to make either of us happy. The lines wernt too bad and the weather was AMAZING, nearly 80 degrees in December, we could not have picked a better day to go.

the snow machines started at nightfall on main-street and it fake snowed the rest of the night, and that was pretty cool.  By chance we were able to catch the Parade from the beginning and it was so cute and fun.

After staying for the nightly fireworks extravaganza, we boarded the special Disney Sunny Bay metro train back to reality.

needless to say after a day of walking around.. and eating and riding rides, and seeing shows… .. it was not hard to fall asleep on this night.

LANTAU ISLAND, Hong Kong (bonus set) 

We took a guided tour of Lantau island

We took a ferry from Hong Kong island to Lantau island, then took a bus up the winding road leading us up towards the Big Buddah, along the way the scenery was very beautiful and you could see some monasteries tucked away in the mountainside that were not available for touring and you could only get to by walking.


we stopped on the way up to check out the Tai O fishing village, its a village were they fish and dry sea creatures and sell them.  Most of the homes there are built on stilts in the water, and we were taken on a short boat tour through the clustered houses…

when we got to the top of the mountain we checked out the buddah its brass i think and over 100ft tall, then we ate at the monk restaurant that was there on the premises (monks are vegans)  so we were served a series of dishes,….

out of the 7 dishes we were served 5 had tofu in them, but two Emily really liked not knowing they were tofu, so that was pretty interesting, …


then we walls through the Po Lin monastery were the monks pray, and people are often lighting the incense for the buddah

then we took a 25min cable car ride back down the mountain, and it was nice to be able to see the whole mountain and the city.

our tour guide was Queen D, and she was very informative and told of lots of Hong Kong history on the ride up the mountain..

the whole day was pretty cool, aside from the cold, there was nice weather in Hong Kong, but up on the mountain it was a drastic difference…

this is one side of Lantau Island, the other side has Disneyland, which we also visited.